Is this the origins of the #trashtag ? yes! We think so

Warning video NSF..  Profanity not intended for children viewing.

This video was made April 24 2018. I searched and couldn't find any evidence of anything referencing the word #trashtag until around 2019.  So did the #trashtag originate in Idaho? does it really matter?  what matters is doing what's right! 

I made this rant video after seeing the state of the freeway in Idaho near the WA border.  After the snow melts in Idaho there is another blanket that covers the grounds.  It's trash!   This trash is an accumulation over the winter months.  It's an unpleasant reminder of how much trash and debris that makes its way to the lands off cars driving on the freeways.



The Video started to receive some views and feedback.  Before the comments started coming in about why I wasn't cleaning it up myself I was already at the Idaho DOT.  There I was given permission to be on the freeway as well as vests, bags,  and road signs.  I made the video because I was upset, I wanted to express what I saw.  I wanted something to be done and people to step up.

I was able to make it from NW BLVD on ramp to pleasant view.  over 100 bags filled.  I did it because I wanted it cleaned.  not a challenge or a popularity contest.  hash tag Trash tag did not exist.  


Some areas I found were actually unbelievable!  So I cleaned them up.  I don't or never wanted praise.  I wanted clean roads.



Here was an after photo I took to show the difference.


The freeway was so covered in litter I was in disbelief,  I was in anger, I wanted something done about it.  It's why I took action.

I am Luke Westfalia and I stand for taking action for doing what's right.  I wasn't motivated by a hashtag challenge.  A #trashtag I don't even really know what a hashtag is.  So who really made the first #trashtag?


what did I do before this??  Well.  I live in Hawaii and have done many trash clean ups.  Over on the islands we call it Rubbish.  I sometimes thought it was strange I was taking pictures of the trash picked up.  But to me it was a way to document the work.  


Now I am focused on spreading awareness on ocean pollution.  Plastic is in our oceans that we cannot see.  But it is showing up on the beaches showing signs.  These warning signs are only the beginning of the pollution in our oceans.  I like to make art with beach trash.  I am spending time at Hawaii's Plastic beach.  So where did the #trashtag first come from?  


My whole point on my blog post is that I want and hope people will do things for the good of the earth.  If we all really cared for the earth we can make a difference.  Don't feel like your being challenged.  Just do what you feel is right and do your part.  This is a beautiful earth we live on.  Let's keep it that way.







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